Want to see what everyone is saying about us!

Thank you for everything you have done to help my stay at Temple Nest over the past three years. It was a great place to live and I will absolutely recommend it to my friends that are still students.

N. Guidotti

First off, I wanted to say thank you so much for being such incredible landlords to myself and my roommates for the past 4 years! Temple Nest has been nothing but amazing to us and we couldn’t thank you enough!!

A. Margolin

Thank you for all of your help throughout the year, you have been so helpful and patient with everything. I absolutely loved my time at Temple Nest Apartments and felt extremely safe in your apartments. This was a huge deal to me because I’m from Texas and the only things I knew about Philly was what I heard on the news. I will recommend these apartments to anyone I know in the area and plan on leaving a review to let others know about my wonderful experience!

A. Gallion May 2021

Thank you so much for being willing to work with me after graduation here, I really do appreciate it! I love my apartment!

R. Lazz January 2021

Did not end up signing up to live here for next year because of uncertainty about next year and covid but the temple nest staff was extremely helpful in trying to find my son and his friend a spot. We showed up without an appointment and they were able to show us an apartment same day.Staff and manager was honest with us about everything, will be reaching out next year!

Rebecca L. 2021

My oldest daughter was a tenant of Temple Nest for 2 years – – you were great and she had a great experience! 

Maureen M. 2020

Thank you to you, Tom, and all the Temple Nest staff for giving us a great place to live over the last two years! 

Sean H. 2020

Thank you for everything this past year! I’m blessed to know people like you and Tom and everyone working in Temple Nest. Hope to keep in touch! 

Jaina C. 2020

Thank you so much for your continued assistance through this semester; Temple Nest has done a fantastic job with helping ease the stress of COVID and living off campus for the first time!!

Jacob M. 2020

Thanks again for a great year with no BS, pleasure to have worked with you guys!!!

Brian G. 2020

I wanted to thank you again for everything. Temple Nest is wonderful.

Timothy. 2020

I want you guys to know I loved Temple Nest Apartments for my daughter. I talk highly of Temple Nest to anyone who will listen. I love the overall location to campus and I like your extra security etc… I have recommended Temple Nest Apartments to new TU parents I meet. Thank you very much for all you guys do!

Lucy M. 6/18/20

I want to let you know my daughter had a great experience living at Temple Nest Apartments. You have been great landlords and if any parents are nervous and want to talk to a parent for a reference, I willing to give them my contact information as I only have positive things to say about my daughter’s living experience at Temple Nest Apartments.

Debby 5/20/20

Thank you for always reaching out and being good landlords the past two years.

Cole 3/27/20

I would like to thank Temple Nest Apartments for all the help you have given to. me and my roommates.

Louis 3/30/20

I thoroughly enjoyed living at Temple Nest Apartments.

Janelle 3/30/20

Living with Temple Nest Apartments was a great experience for me. I truly would recommend living at Temple Nest Apartments to anyone! The management was very responsive and we always had maintenance in our apartment, if needed, within less than 24 hours. Every time I reached out if I needed anything, the staff was nothing but exceptional and friendly. The best part of all was the proximity to campus. I always felt safe walking home, even at night! Highly recommend.

Payton - 2/10/2020

My experience living at Temple Nest Apartments has been great! There aren’t too many fully furnished luxury student apartments that are close to campus and also reasonably priced. Safety and security is one of the top priorities, and have never felt otherwise. The owners Donna and Tom Citro have been nothing but professional, helpful and caring. They truly care about each of the tenants and are always one phone call away. The maintenance team is quick and efficient as well. I definitely would recommend living here.

Tenant – 2/9/2020

I came to Temple Nest Apartments panning to move out next year to another place with my friends. But as it turned out, I liked it here so much that I canceled my plans of moving out and brought my group over here instead.

I have really enjoyed the last 6 months that I’ve lived here. The owners are really nice and are very accessible and responsive, they are in the office every single day and make sure that all issues are dealt with quickly. A good example would be of when our fridge had stopped working and they got us a new on the very next day. They have an excellent team under them, most of Living at Temple Nest Apartments the next two years is a no brainer for me, It’s quite possibly the best student living space in the area.

Matt - 2/4/2020


I’ve lived at Temple Nest for two years and I just signed to live here for my senior year!

The location is unbeatable, and they proved plenty of services to make me feel safe when I’m walking home. Mr. and Mrs. Citro are always available and make sure my roommates and I are accommodated. I’m so glad I chose Temple Nest!

Tenant - 2/4/2020

I lived in Temple Nest for the last two years, and I had a great time. The landlords are great people, their clients are primarily students and they take care of them like their own children. The apartments are very nice, and the balance between quality and price is great. Every problem reported inside the house is usually fixed in the same or the following day. Lastly, but most importantly, the apartments are very close to campus, to the gym, to the subway and to Fresh Grocer, so we can consider the area one of the safest living spaces off campus!!!

100% recommend Temple Nest, and again hats off the owners Donna and Tom! Literally the best!

Tenant - 1/27/2020

Image my surprise when I opened up a letter from Temple Nest and saw a return of a security deposit.

Historically, the chance of a return of a security deposit has been zip, nada, zilch … I certainly appreciate your fairness.

You mentioned to me the first time we met that you try to have a good relationship with the students and if they need anything you can be asked to help.

You’re a true gentleman and a pleasure to have worked with. I wish you and Temple Nest nothing but the success in the future.

Lee – 9/26/2018


I also wanted to thank you for your hospitality and that I had a wonderful experience living at Temple Nest throughout this year. I would definitely recommend it to anybody, and I’m grateful for the opportunity that I had. Thank you!

John – 5/08/2018


My only regret is not having signed with Temple Nest Apartments earlier in my college career! Mr. and Mrs. Citro have done a great job in making the experience welcoming and stress free – something you definitely look for in your senior year! Can’t beat the safe and convenient location, amenities and quality of apartments for the price you pay. Any issues have been resolved quickly and with 100% transparency throughout the process. Thank you so much for everything. Would recommend!

Thank you to both of you for a great year. I’ve really enjoyed my time here.

Frank – 4/10/2017


I have lived at the Temple Nest apartments on 15th St for 3 years – ever since I moved out of the dorms – and my stay here has been very pleasant because of the landlord. Thomas and Donna Citro do all in their power to keep the tenants safe and the apartments in great condition. They care more than any landlord in the area and always keep us informed and aware of what is going on. They are never more than a phone call/email/text away. Very thankful for my time here!

Vernia – 3/4/2017


Mr. and Mrs. Citro are great landlords and Temple Nest apartments has been a perfect college apartment for me. After living at the Nest for two years I can confidently say that the Citro’s treat their tenants like their own children; always checking in and making sure everyone is happy, safe, and healthy. I have always felt 100% safe all of the time due to the extensive security alarm systems, street patrolling, and surveillance cameras on my street. Moving out will be hard because I truly consider the Nest to be my home now.

Casie – 2/27/2017


For over 2 years Temple Nest Apartments provided me with exceptional service. This applied to the process of searching for the initial apartment that was the best fit for me, the contractual agreements and taking care of the general maintenance issues that come with every apartment. Temple Nest Apartments is everything that Mr. Citro represents to his clients; Approachable, friendly, great communication, keeping you informed of processes, quick response to emails/texts/phone calls. Temple Nest Apartments made move in easy and saved me from having to purchase bedroom/living room furniture, a television, kitchen/laundry appliances, a house alarm system and a garbage disposal as these items were all provided for me. Even small deeds such as taking my garbage to the curb were taken care of which displayed the level of care Temple Nest had for me and my housemates. I was always treated with the highest of standards which is a reflection of how Mr. Citro manages his apartments. I was always taken care of which is something I have not experienced with many other landlords in the past. I highly recommend Temple Nest Apartments for students due to the safe feeling I had when I was at home, the high quality of service and how each property is conveniently located to public transportation sites, a grocery store and most importantly Temple’s campus.

Mike - 01/24/2017

Graduate Student

The landlord of Temple Nest Apartments goes out of his way to address any and all tenant concerns. He has always presented himself as a cheerful guy who emphasizes satisfaction and happiness through simplicity. The apartments themselves are wonderfully set up and come fully furnished, which is a huge bonus particularly for students! As a tenant who’s lived here for 4 years, I have no complaints.

Marlowe – 5/1/2016


My son in his senior year, wanted to live off campus for the first time, live with his friends, and to have more personal freedom than a dormitory, but at the same time be within walking distance of the Temple University. As a parent, you always worry about condition of the property, updated maintenance, and safety of the area. Temple Nest Apartments is within blocks of the university , and I don’t think their ownership/management team could have made his apartment building more secure, or even cleaner! It appears that every part of his apartment inside and out has been updated, and provides a nice environment for him to focus on school and really enjoy the apartment and area in which he resides. I highly recommend this building to parents of future students going forward, it’s been an ‘uneventful’ year regarding his tenure there, and that’s all we really could ask for. Thank you Temple Nest, as a prior Temple Student myself, going back to the 90’s, you have truly made off campus housing, near campus, a great and affordable option for students!

Michael – 3/1/2016


Temple Nest Apartments has been my home for the past 2 years. The apartments are in a great location, close to campus and conveniently located near the Fresh Grocer store. The landlord was always accommodating and timely with repairs or maintenance issues. I liked how the apartments came fully furnished, making it easier on my parents during move in and move out day. Overall, I would highly recommend Temple Nest Apartments to my friends.

Stephanie – 11/16/2015


Apartment was great! Such a nice place to stay. I felt very safe staying there. The landlord was awesome! Highly recommend!

Olivia – 11/16/2015


This place was phenomenal. From the apartment itself all the way to the landlord. It is close to campus, the gyms, and grocery store. I always felt safe and my parents didn’t worry when they saw the security tom has installed. Landlord is very nice, quick to respond to all questions/emails and very personable. The staff is great too! . Thank you so much for the great apartment and service. I highly recommend to any student looking for housing.

Sarah – 11/16/2015


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